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What the Heck is this?

Magic Mouth NPC Dialog Oracle  is a solo tabletop rpg oracle intended too breath life into your NPC's during solo and gmless play by giving them something interesting to talk about. 

Why did you make it?

I created Magic Mouth NPC Dialog Oracle for Lone Wolf Solo TTRPG Jam Mk 2. NPC's are one of my favorite parts of running and playing TTRPG's and I always found them a bit lacking in solo play so I thought I'd take a shot at giving them a bit more life.

What's included? 

Magic Mouth NPC Dialog Oracle comes with a six step guide on how too use the oracle in the form of a fully bookmarked six paged pdf booklet (counting the covers). As well as two sets of NPC tracking cards. one set is a muti paged form fillable PDF meant for digital play. The second set are meant for players who prefer the natural feel of good old fashioned pencil and paper.

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Install instructions

Just unzip and enjoy! If it doesn't work in your PDF reader for whatever reason adobe acrobat reader is what I used too test everything so try that one.


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